Introducing KalyLabs

University Research Lab Equipment Management Software that Saves Time, Increases Revenue, and Enhances Student Success

What is KalyLabs?

Save Time, Increase Revenue, and Enhance Student Success

Are you struggling to manage research equipment usage, billing, and invoicing on a regular basis, taking you away from your research, students, and external clients?

Are your research labs struggling to operate profitably?

If so, it’s time to consider KalyLabs.

KalyLabs is a revolutionary University lab management software that can transform research labs into revenue generators while decreasing administrative workloads and improving student outcomes.
With KalyLabs, you will be able to:
Save time on administrative tasks like tracking, reporting, and billing for lab equipment usage.

Generate revenue by easily providing lab services to on and off-campus users and businesses, giving you access to a wider range of revenue streams to fund research efforts.

Enhance student success by giving your students real-world experience that can lead to job offers from external businesses they’ve already worked with.

Unlock your lab's full potential with KalyLabs

How it Works

Streamline. Automate. Empower.

We’re revolutionizing how University labs operate. KalyLabs’ streamlined billing and invoicing processes enable lab directors and managers to complete monthly billing in just one hour, instead of the usual 5+ hours.
“The first [billing] system literally took me all day to do billing. The second system still took me up to five hours…with KalyLabs, I can typically do my monthly billing in about an hour.”
Our software makes creating quotes and invoices a breeze through automation, allowing you to spend less time on admin tasks and focusing more on what makes research labs useful. Quickly and easily input the necessary information into the KalyLabs software, and it does the work for you.
“I’m not spending two days a month printing invoices and following up myself… creating quotes went from a 30-minute process to 5 minutes.”
In addition, KalyLabs empowers you to work more easily with outside industries, expanding and transforming research labs into revenue generators that can operate profitably and fund additional research.
“My lab’s revenue has jumped from $33 thousand to over $150 thousand annually (a 350% increase).”

About KalyLabs

KalyLabs was developed at The University of Utah, one of the world's most prestigious research universities, to help their lab directors and managers streamline and automate their workflows and improve research lab profitability while improving student outcomes.

Built and used by University research lab professionals that manage millions of dollars worth of lab-based transactions every year while seeing thousands of students use their research labs every month, KalyLabs is a powerful and proven solution.

And now, the power of KalyLabs is available to everyone.

No matter your institution's size or focus - be it a large and prestigious research University, a dynamic regional college, a vibrant community college, or an innovative technical school - KalyLabs empowers you to save time, skyrocket revenues, and elevate student success.

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Save time, increase revenue, and enhance student success with KalyLabs.

Join the satisfied customers of KalyLabs and experience the revolutionary University lab management software that can transform research labs into revenue generators while decreasing administrative workloads and improving student outcomes

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