Kaly Labs

The affordable way to get Core Labs organized when it comes to scheduling, billing, and those key operational headaches that interfere with your research and revenue objectives.

Kaly Labs streamlines the everyday workflows Core Lab managers use to administer campus labs

Get organized around the scheduling of lab resources, automate the creation of invoices and statements, stay on top of billing, and allow users to access the timesheets and reports they need for grant applications.

Your lab. Simplified.

Order and schedule services from a shared calendar

Usage reports and timesheets for grant applications

Automate statements and invoices

Automate collection of usage data across all facilities.

Kaly Labs’ Story

Kaly Labs was developed at the University of Utah because lab managers were struggling to find an affordable lab management system that would automate tasks specific to their needs.

The University of Utah wanted to find a way to schedule lab equipment and automate billing and equipment tracking without having to pay for a bundle of unneeded services.

Their solution was to put their heads down and develop this tool on their own.

Now, Kaly Labs aims to relieve lab managers of time-consuming responsibilities across the country.

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